It is time to seek the Lord | Christmas Message 2020


We live in uncertain and challenging times. All our lives have been impacted in one way or another by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Some who read this may have suffered from the virus or sadly lost loved ones through it. Livelihoods may have been affected through loss of work and young people’s education disrupted. Others […]

Where is your hope? | Christmas Message 2019


Over the past year our country has seen a great deal of political turmoil and continuing uncertainty. Even at a personal level our lives may have been thrown into disarray by unexpected and challenging circumstances. We may wonder what hope there is for any of us. Indeed, life can be very dark at times especially […]

Why? | Easter Message 2019

Have you ever asked why? When things go wrong or something bad happens, we may ask ‘Why me?’ or ‘Why did that happen?’ Of course, we don’t often get an answer to our cries of why? Many questions surround the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, why did Jesus have to […]

Greater love hath no man than this… | Christmas Message 2018

As we approach Christmas and the close of another year, Remembrance Day is not far from our memories. Significantly this year we have commemorated a hundred years since the end of the First World War. Thousands upon thousands willingly went to serve our country in that terrible war to give us the freedom and peace […]

Is it true? | Easter Message 2018

Is it true? – is a question we may well ask after hearing what might seem an unbelievable story. It was also the question on Thomas’ mind when the other disciples told him that Jesus was alive again and that they had seen Him. How could anyone come alive again after such a cruel death? […]

A Promised Saviour | Christmas Message 2017


Promises are often made but how much harder it is to keep them! Although a promise may be made in good faith, it might be forgotten or overruled by a change of circumstance, and then it is simply broken. However, the many promises that God has given in His Word, the Bible, cannot and will […]